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For any entertainment venue, from small dinner theatres to grand sports stadiums, finding ways to effectively connect with new patrons and fill seats is the difference between smashing success and disheartening failure. Ticket distributors like Google, Expedia, Groupon and TripAdvisor do a fabulous job of connecting audiences and venues worldwide, but building one-to-one relationships with each distributor can be a time-consuming challenge for already busy venues. 

At Ingresso, we help simplify the relationship for venues and distributors alike with our real-time API connections, which allow for live ticket inventory, the elimination of vouchers and a better experience for both staff and guests. Our API has allowed us to build a truly global distribution systems for tickets - and we are working to partner with new venues, attractions and distributors every day!

Commercial Leadership Team

Melanie Dearle

Senior Director of Business Development, Distribution

Adam Stott-Everett

International Sales Director, Distribution, and Director, From the Box Office

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